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Dr. Carol Chu-Peralta, Ph.D. - Founder, Clinical Director, & Psychologist

Dr. Carol Chu-Peralta, Ph.D.

Founder, Clinical Director, & Psychologist

Dr. Chu-Peralta is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in NJ and NY. She specializes in the provision of trauma, depression, and anxiety therapy treatment, as well as trauma-based evaluations and supervision. Currently, Dr. Chu-Peralta serves as a Consultant to the Westchester County Department of Social Services, wherein she provides clinical supervision to the Safe Harbor and Clinical and Behavioral Assessment Units, and performs psychological and psychodiagnostic evaluations on youth who have experienced adverse life events. Dr. Chu-Peralta also dedicates her career to helping the underserved by providing trauma and immigration evaluations to those in need.  

In previous years, Dr. Chu-Peralta was a Staff Psychologist at the Trager Lemp Center: Treating Trauma & Promoting Resilience at Westchester Jewish Community Services (WJCS), as well as the Coordinator of Psychology Externship. At WJCS, Dr. Chu-Peralta conducted research, supervised mental health staff and graduate students, and provided therapy to WJCS patients.

​​Dr. Chu-Peralta is fluent in Spanish and English. She has extensive experience helping individuals, across the age spectrum, who have suffered adverse and stressful life experiences. She completed her breadth and depth of training through Bellevue Hospital Center (Program for Survivors of Torture), World Trade Center Health Program NYU School of Medicine Clinical Center of Excellence at NYU Langone Center, New York City Children’s Center – Bronx Campus (formerly known as Bronx Children’s Psychiatric Center), Center for Psychological Services – Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Westchester Jewish Community Services. Although Dr. Chu-Peralta’s private practice specializes in dealing with the sequelae resulting from adverse life events, she also underwent generalist training. Dr. Chu-Peralta's previous experience has included working with developmental disorders (including Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities), Dialectical Behavior Therapy, bereavement, psychological evaluation, and impulse control disorders. Therefore, she is exceptionally well-versed in helping patients with complex histories and symptoms.​

In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Chu-Peralta is actively involved in the training and supervision of professionals and students. She has conducted, and continues to provide, numerous workshops and lectures at various regional and national conferences, primary/secondary schools, and colleges.​

Dr. Chu-Peralta received her B.A. in Psychology from William Paterson University and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She is currently a member of the New Jersey Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, International Society for Traumatic Stress, New York Psychological Association, and Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.​

Dr. Chu-Peralta is a resident of Bergen County, NJ. When she is not working, she enjoys an active lifestyle and spending quality time with her husband, children, other family members, and friends.

Rosa Mastrogiacomo, LMSW - Clinical Psychotherapist

Rosa Mastrogiacomo, LMSW

Clinical Psychotherapist

Rosa Mastrogiacomo is a licensed clinical social worker.  For the past nine years, Rosa has worked for the Westchester County Department of Social Services providing clinical services to children and adolescents. She specializes in trauma, depression, and anxiety. Rosa is dedicated to empowering individuals of all ages and strengthening families.

Rosa received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Fordham University and her Masters in Social Work also from Fordham University. She also completed an Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Certificate in the Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioral Treatment from Adelphi University.

Rosa is a resident of Westchester County, NY.  When she is not working, she volunteers her time on the Board of Directors for the Harrison Youth Council, a local organization providing preventative mental health services.  She also enjoys spending quality time with her son, family and friends.

Brisi Sono-Cochrane, LAMFT - Clinical Psychotherapist

Brisi Sono-Cochrane, LAMFT

Clinical Psychotherapist

Brisi is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. Her educational background is in Psychology with a concentration in Child Development Psychology, Early Childhood Education and Creative Arts. She earned her Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy.

Throughout her career, she has worked with adult individuals, adolescents, children, couples and families with issues such as anger management, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, eating disorders, family and life transition issues, sexual assault/violence, trauma and suicide.​

Personally, Brisi believes in teamwork to make any dream work. Drawing from her clinical experience with clients, she has first handedly seen that there is beauty and light in even the darkest of times. She helps her clients access that light and continue to choose it.

In and out of the therapy room, Brisi believes it is important to have a framed mindset within which emotional, mental and relational growth is nurtured and supported. As a systematically-trained couples & family therapist, Brisi instills the belief in her clients that they all have the agency to empower themselves and one another in order to change and harness the relationships and quality of life they envision for themselves. Brisi’s essential therapeutic strategies include exploration, validation, and helping clients heal from the problems that prevent them from thriving in a safe space. Her goal is to offer an empathic, safe and validating therapeutic space from which she and her client can explore and collaboratively work to heal what ails them and/or their loved ones.​

A message from Brisi: “I hope to support you and help you hold your flashlight as you pave the way through your healing journey.”

Brittany Atkins - Administrative Assistant

Brittany Atkins

Administrative Assistant

Brittany joined Center for Resiliency because helping others heal from traumatic and difficult circumstances is highly important to her. Brittany graduated from Wilmington University with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science. Her studies in Behavioral Science ignited a passion to help people walk into freedom after going through something traumatic. Brittany understands the importance of walking through healing by finding and utilizing effective tools and ultimately coming out on the other side; freedom. She believes that working at Center for Resiliency gives her the opportunity to put what she has learned into practice.

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